FUN!! and Learning -- Glazer Children's -- Tampa, FL -- Riverview Portrait Photographer

Garnett (my sister) and I headed to the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa, FL.  It was busy but awesome!!  Bryan was so sleepy by the end because he honestly played until he dropped!!  The learning is experiential and children get to interact with some many different areas from water, dexterity, flying planes and boat, dancing, interacting with leggos, play kitchens, fire house and a vet area.  We did not stop at all of the possibilities because he was literally ready for a nap before we finished up.  FUN!! DSC_0005_fb DSC_0020_fb DSC_0043_fb DSC_0049_fb DSC_0067_fb DSC_0093_fb DSC_0102_fb DSC_0106_fb DSC_0123_fb DSC_0131-2_fb

Winter The Dolphin -- Clearwater, FL Photography

Okay.  So I did not get ONE photo of the actual dolphin.  In my defense, I was baby wrangling the ever curious 14 month old and maybe it is my social worker roots but I'm kinda overzealous about monitoring his every interaction in public.  Bryan is the most important person ever in the whole wide world and I"m his personal security guard caretaker.  So no dolphin photos.  :) However, I will take this opportunity to show off some of my MANUAL photography skills.  NO FLASH folks.  I did not use flash AT ALL in the dark fishy tunnel of the attraction.  :)  HOW did I capture those photos without any blur??  practice, practice, practice.

Taking Winter the Dolphin photos would have been too easy.  She was well-lit in the sun.  No skill required there.  :)  (yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it k?)


This photo was captured while my sister drives whatever the speed limit is over the Courtney Campbell Causeway to the Winter the Dolphin attraction.  :)  The bird is very far away and we are travel very fast.  My 300 mm was able to capture him at very fast speeds!!

DSC_0048 edited_fb

I have always wanted to snag a panorama of Clearwater coming over the bridge.  Garnett has TINTING on her windows so the colors changed.  I really need to be in one of those Volkswagen vans (but I wouldn't be safety strapped) but you know what I mean??  It takes my breath away   --- EVERY TIME!

DSC_0066 panorama fb_fb


This photo below makes me sing the fish heads song.  They are posing very artistically don't you think??  My sister Garnett, soaks up the love of Bryan but he seems a bit distracted.  He loves FISHIES!!!

DSC_0084 edited bw_fb


NO FLASH!!!  There was NO FLASH used to capture these photos.  Did I say the phrase no flash enough times??  Well, because it is a skill necessary for capturing weddings in dark churches with NO FLASH photography permitted.  And if I can capture the boys with this lighting in this venue (surrounded by tons of tourists on a Sunday) can you image what I could capture at a wedding venue??

DSC_0100 edited_fb

Me being ... ARTSY again.  Can you see me in the glasses??  The stroller is Bryan's.  Remind me to NOT bring the big stroller next time to such a crowded venue full of STAIRS??

DSC_0189 edited crop_fb DSC_0190 edited_fb

Lifestyle Photography -- Tampa Bay Family Photographer

Last week, we took Bryan out out to the aquarium. He loves the fishies and he screams in delight. I love taking the camera to the aquarium but chasing Bryan is full time and not much time to mess around with aperture! :) On Sunday, he was super active as we played so I decided to capture a few of those moments. He's growing and changing so quick and it is amazing to look back on the shots and see this person developing more and more and more and more ... with each passing day he learns some thing new. Capture it now. His new smiles, sounds and habits because they will change in the next 6 weeks and the next to the next .. ENJOY!!DSC_0007 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0011 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0013 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0023 edited bw_WEB.jpg DSC_0033 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0119 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0148 edited bw_WEB.jpg DSC_0210 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0218 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0240 edited_WEB.jpg

Epcot - Personal Post -

Okay .. so I'm seriously behind in posting because taking photographs and editing has been really taking up a great chunk of April.  Or I can blame it on turning older.  I stopped to celebrate.  Ah!  I'm 39.  (panic) ... hehe..    Dave and I have spent time tweaking services, costs, presentation and have done a few consultations to improve our growing business.  We have been creating marketing materials, debating freebies and looking into how to keep ourselves fresh and unique for our customers. In the mean time, we took Bryan to Epcot to enjoy the flowers and yeah, I took 300 and I would have taken a billion more but we ate, enjoyed the sites and ate some more.  I love going to Epcot with Dave.  It's relaxing and interesting as he knows a lot of personal history from working there.

It would great do some wedding photography in Orlando during Flower and Garden some day.

Flower and Garden at Epcot is epic with arrangements, colors and the butterfly garden.  Enjoy the photos!!  :)

050613 epcot 900w