Epcot - Personal Post -

Okay .. so I'm seriously behind in posting because taking photographs and editing has been really taking up a great chunk of April.  Or I can blame it on turning older.  I stopped to celebrate.  Ah!  I'm 39.  (panic) ... hehe..    Dave and I have spent time tweaking services, costs, presentation and have done a few consultations to improve our growing business.  We have been creating marketing materials, debating freebies and looking into how to keep ourselves fresh and unique for our customers. In the mean time, we took Bryan to Epcot to enjoy the flowers and yeah, I took 300 and I would have taken a billion more but we ate, enjoyed the sites and ate some more.  I love going to Epcot with Dave.  It's relaxing and interesting as he knows a lot of personal history from working there.

It would great do some wedding photography in Orlando during Flower and Garden some day.

Flower and Garden at Epcot is epic with arrangements, colors and the butterfly garden.  Enjoy the photos!!  :)

050613 epcot 900w