FUN!! and Learning -- Glazer Children's -- Tampa, FL -- Riverview Portrait Photographer

Garnett (my sister) and I headed to the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa, FL.  It was busy but awesome!!  Bryan was so sleepy by the end because he honestly played until he dropped!!  The learning is experiential and children get to interact with some many different areas from water, dexterity, flying planes and boat, dancing, interacting with leggos, play kitchens, fire house and a vet area.  We did not stop at all of the possibilities because he was literally ready for a nap before we finished up.  FUN!! DSC_0005_fb DSC_0020_fb DSC_0043_fb DSC_0049_fb DSC_0067_fb DSC_0093_fb DSC_0102_fb DSC_0106_fb DSC_0123_fb DSC_0131-2_fb