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Last week, we took Bryan out out to the aquarium. He loves the fishies and he screams in delight. I love taking the camera to the aquarium but chasing Bryan is full time and not much time to mess around with aperture! :) On Sunday, he was super active as we played so I decided to capture a few of those moments. He's growing and changing so quick and it is amazing to look back on the shots and see this person developing more and more and more and more ... with each passing day he learns some thing new. Capture it now. His new smiles, sounds and habits because they will change in the next 6 weeks and the next to the next .. ENJOY!!DSC_0007 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0011 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0013 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0023 edited bw_WEB.jpg DSC_0033 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0119 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0148 edited bw_WEB.jpg DSC_0210 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0218 edited_WEB.jpg DSC_0240 edited_WEB.jpg