Nikki Sweet 16 -- Indian Rocks Beach --

2013-05-24_0001.jpgIt is taking every fiber of being to follow the mandated release date of June 8 (day of the party) reveal. Florida Botanical Gardens is worth a visit and it is FREE. The most beautiful rose paled in comparison to Nikki. She is intelligent, athletic and kind. She's getting ready to go on a missions trip to help at an orphanage in Nicaragua and we are so proud to have the honor of capturing her. After the dress, Nikki changed into a more casual outfit and we hit Indian Rocks Beach. This girl is GORGEOUS. I love her outfit and matching shoes. We cannot wait to see her candy themed Sweet 16 party. I'm sure it yhis party will be one for the books. Enjoy these and check back June 8 .. for even more fabulous Nikki photos! :) ENJOY! Larissa 2013-05-24_00022013-05-24_0003







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