RAVE for CSSIGNITER.com my template provider!! :) { Larissa Ensign, Tampa Portrait Photograper }

I am NEW to word press so I wanted to find a simple, clean design for my blogs.  I did a week's worth of research which is a lot for my typically impulsive spending habits.  I happened upon CSSIGNITER, which I highly recommend.  It has been a solid template for us and has allowed me to learn and expand slowly into the world press world. I'm not sure if I hit the wrong button or not but my testimonial page is not loading properly.  I have been posting with the site owner who ran me through a few fixes that did not work for us.  Finally, he has taken over and is going to do his own investigation.  That type of service is not offered through the site but he cares that his templates work well for the users.

In this world of policies and red tape, I'm so glad to see a company that really cares about their presentation and delivers assistance to keep the sites looking beautiful.

If you ever need to upgrade your look, I highly recommend www.ccsigniter.com for their quality of templates and for their dedication to their customers.

LDE appreciates you!!  Sincerely,