Sunshine Skyway Bridge * about to Storm -- Portraits -- Riverview, FL Photographer

My sister has officially lived in Florida for a little over a year.  And she loves it.  She is more Floridian that I am this point because she has been to the beach and fishing so often in the past year.  This move has been fantastic for my beloved nephews Zach and Joel.  They have the ability to be more active during the year and have gotten super involved in their Boy Scout troops.  Garnett is a den mother.  snicker... After much schedule discussion, Garnett knew exactly where and what she wanted for her Christmas photos.  It was a neat idea.  Sunset from the fishing pier with the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in the background.  Perfect.

Not so much!!

It was dark and grey and as the sun set, there were no fantastic orange hues.  In fact, it got darker and bluer.  And windier.  Not good.

But true to her spirit and as a symbol of all they have endured together, we continued with the session.  She used the photos for her Christmas card.  Despite the storms in front or behind her, she is strong and she is showing her boys some valuable lessons about hard work and perseverance.   I love my little sister so much!!


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