Passe-A-Grille Maternity Photo Session

LDE Photography Destinee's equally gorgeous mom bought her a photo session to celebrate the arrival of baby??  We did not know her name at the time.  It was a secret.  We met at beautiful Passe-A-Grille beach and it was a little windy but such a beautiful evening.

LDE Photography LDE Photography

Destinee and Austin were so laid back and had such a terrific time playing along with poses and walking down the beach.  They are going to make fabulous parents.  I can see them having a great time with their little one.

LDE Photography LDE Photography LDE Photography

The sun was setting at Passe-A-Grille and we captured some silhouette and sunset flair with the bump.  Destinee is a big fan of this style and believe me; I love photos like this.  We wrapped the session as a bell rang that the sun had finally set into the horizon.  What a exciting and beautiful time for this gorgeous family.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this special occasion.

LDE Photography LDE Photography LDE Photography LDE Photography



Our First Giveaway!! LDE Photography 20x30 Collage from Shutterfly

I'm excited about blessing people.  My job as a mental health professional can be so stressful at times.  You just get bogged down with trying to adapt the system to the needs of the children and families in need.  Photography is my way to be around people, animals and the Earth in general in a positive way.  It is a reminder of the beauty that still exists here.  Despite evil.  Lurking and troublesome. The giveaway program randomly chooses the winner once you hit a button so I was excited no matter who was on the winning end of our giveaway, but when Holly's name flashed across the screen, I smiled inside and out.  I called Dave right away to tell him.

She has the greatest smile, a wicked sense of humor and we could talk endlessly.  Holly was a month ahead of me when we were pregnant and she has the most adorable twin babies.  It is wonderful that they pretty much enter the next phase and prep our family for the next developmental phases!!  When ever I begin to stress about navigating an outing with Bryan, I am reminded that Holly does it (with help from a wonderful family she credits constantly) but still -with TWO!

Holly's attitude about life is amazing -always hopeful and looking ahead.  I call her when I need a gentle nudge toward a better attitude about things.  She's the kind of person you'd find yourself doing just about anything for in this world.  She makes it so easy to love her.  She just accepts you where you are and that is worth so much in this world.

She inspires me.  So, I am so glad that she has won the collage.  She used photos from our Christmas session of the twins.  Thank you for all the support of LDE.  We love taking photos of your family.

ENJOY!!  with love, Larissa


Holly's Collage